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Why Culvert Surveys are Important

If the maintenance of culverts is your responsibility, you have to ensure you find the right service with the skills and equipment to ensure they are in the best shape possible to minimise the risk of flooding, sinkholes, decay, and subsidence.

You don’t want to ignore culverts to the point that they collapse and block the free flow of water. Poor maintenance of culverts can be a great source of worry.Culvert-Surveys

A wide range of CCTV survey techniques can be used to gain important information about the state of culverts and their overall structural condition.

Culverts can be pumped out before ‘jack-up’ cameras or floatation devices are used to.

Culvert maintenance service providers also obtain important survey data, which is uploaded for their interpretation and use.

You should be provided with an in-depth report to show the state of your culverts.


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The report identifies problems and their causes.

For instance, if your culvert floods frequently, the report submitted to you should include the cause (s) of flooding.

With a wide range of methods and reliable technology to address the problems identified, you can rest assured that your culvert problem will be solved appropriately. Culvert surveys rely on state-of-the-art technologies to access some of the hard-to-reach places, as some parts of culverts can be generally inaccessible.

Culvert CCTV surveys provide a detailed view of what the inside of your culvert looks like, including its size, what it is made up of, the condition inside, and flow direction.

Advanced technologies are used to log incoming drains while providing a topical assessment of manholes.

Also additional technologies that may be employed include pole cams or float-through surveys using a boat to obtain a clear picture of what the inside of the culvert looks like.

Man-entry surveys often present a cause for concern for homeowners, businesses and other commercial and industrial establishments, and government agencies. For this reason, culvert service providers use highly-specialised risk assessment management systems to carry out such inspections.

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This ensures that the health and safety of employees and staff is a major priority. With confined space training and continual development of specialised skills to work in a variety of environments that may present a health risk, these employs are equipped with what they need to handle virtually any challenge that comes with the job. If they identify any problem from the inspection, they can carry out remedial works where necessary.

So, if the repair and maintenance of culverts is your sole responsibility, you should find specialists in inspections and repair of culverts.

Specialists will supply you with a detailed engineer’s report to help you understand the nature and cause of the problem.

Increasing the asset lifespan of culverts, removing speed restrictions and minimising temporary line closures are some of the solutions to culvert problems. Whether you’re in Kent, Essex or London, finding a culvert repair and maintenance specialist is very important for the asset lifespan of your culvert.

They will employ appropriate culvert survey techniques to assess the current condition of your culvert.