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When Do You Need Root Cutting Services?

Buildings, properties, and structures with vegetation and trees growing nearly tend to have frequent problems with the drainage systems because they are often invaded by tree roots, which can cause blockages and damage to pipe joints.

This can lead to collapses and building owners may have to part with large sums of money in repairs and replacement. It is advisable to tackle this problem before it escalates.

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You should call a root cutting services company to remove the tree roots and any other fibrous plant material that may cause further damage to pipes and the entire drainage system.

A root infestation problem can be diagnosed using CCTV drain surveys, which are quite effective at investigating drain and drainage system problems.



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Root cutter equipment is then used to get rid of fibrous matter as well as mass roots that may have invaded the sewer.

When they penetrate sewer pipes, tree roots can cause massive damage and are generally responsible for several cases of sewer backup.

Roots tend to enter sewer pipes via cracks and loose joints. Professionals tackle the problem before things get worse and they can also use high-pressure water-powered root cutting equipment.

This is meant to cut away any tree roots that may have already penetrated the drainage system. Despite being a manually operated tool, it is highly economical and quite effective at removing tree roots from root-infested sewer lines.

They also easily clear blockages caused by the accumulation of soil, sand, grease, and fat, among other obstructive materials.

With professional root cutting and removal, experts employ precision cutting to remove the menace without causing much damage to the surrounding environment.

They also have the experience to help address the existing issue more effectively. With the use of appropriate tree cutting tools and techniques, they can effectively stop a tree from causing further damage.

The key here is precision. While there are several different ways of addressing problems of intrusive roots, they refrain from using chemical methods.

The use of chemicals to eliminate roots in drainage systems can pollute rivers and canals. Therefore, the use of environmentally-sound methods is often emphasised.


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Professionals know that not all problems are the same and should therefore not be treated in an identical fashion.

Minor root problems can be resolved using a drain rod attached to a plunger. For more developed roots, a rod with an attached cutting head is used.

High-pressure water cutting is best employed when the roots cause a significant blockage because the method is more effective at clearing the soil, fat, grease, and soap in the drainage system. Specialised equipment delivers impressive results.

If you suspect that you might be having a root-related problem, you should contact a root cutting professional to assess the situation and advise on the best possible solution.

Tree roots can be intrusive, especially if they find cracks in your drainage system. Therefore, acting fast is important in preventing the problem before it escalates and causes more severe problems.