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Drain Cleaning Methods Used by Professionals

Over time, your drain begins to drain slowly and ultimately become fully blocked if not cleaned. Drain cleaning is very important if you want to get rid of the grime, dirt, hair, soap, grease, fat, oils, and other foreign particles that accumulate in the drain. It is important to maintain a clean drain if you want to avoid some of the plumbing issues that drive up your drainage costs. Clogs are considered everyday drainage problems that all homeowners should prepare for. Below are drain cleaning methods used by professional.

Drain auger or snake

A drain snake is an important drain cleaning tool every homeowner should have. This method will clear most drain cleaning problems without the need for harmful chemicals. A coil of wires is inserted into the drain to reach the obstruction. A motor then turns the wires, although this action is manually performed in hand-cranked augers. Drive this auger slowly and securely down the drain to reach the clog. You can then break the clog apart or pull it and pour water down the drain to wash the remaining debris along the way. drain jetting


Unlike snaking which can be done even by amateur plumbers and ordinary homeowners, hydro-jetting or drain jetting which is also know as is a more advanced technique that requires some skills to perform. It is very effective at clearing out drains and removing large amounts of build-up that stick to the walls of the pipe. It applies high temperatures and pressure. A hydro-jetter has a motorised device that works by placing water under pressure. It has a hose whose nozzle goes into drainpipes and scours the pipe’s interior by blasting out the scalding water. Therefore, hydro-jetting is an advanced technique that can be potentially dangerous if left in the hands of an amateur. Only perform this action if you are a trained professional plumber with years of experience working with hydro-jetting devices.

Video pipe inspection

Perhaps most professional drianage experts as well as plumbers use this technique to identify a plumbing issue in the drain before doing drain cleaning. The first step toward drain cleaning is finding out where the problem is located before applying an effective drain cleaning method.

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  A professional may use an advanced piece of equipment designed to perform video pipe inspections. This gets rid of much of the guesswork that may be involved in the process, thereby allowing for a much faster and more effective cleaning job. Miniaturised cameras are inserted into the pipes and a monitor is used to receive the feedback from the cameras. This allows the drainage professional to ascertain the location of the problem and decide on the best drain cleaning method to use. This method is also important in leak detection and repair. These drain cleaning methods are commonly used by driainage professionals because they require some skills and experience to carry out. Call a professional in London, Essex, Kent, Heathrow or any other part of the UK near you for drain cleaning services to clear any clogs that may be creating some plumbing issues.